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Our stated missions are to preserve Scottish traditions, educational programs and opportunities for Members and the general public, provide scholarships for students pursuing Scottish performing and cultural arts, and to provide charitable assistance for emergency needs. To date, the Society has awarded over $75,000 (see current Schedule of Donations) towards the fulfillment of these missions.

The Bertha A. McDonald Scholarship Fund, through the Society’s Scholarship Committee, awards scholarship money each Spring to students who are seeking to further their abilities through study and classes in the Scottish Arts. The Committee reviews each Scholarship Application from students of all disciplines of the Scottish Arts (e.g., dance, piping, harp, etc.) and designates awards based on stated criteria and within the amount of money available for distribution. The deadline for submission of Applications is March 1st. Applications received after this date may still be considered if approved by the Committee and Scholarship funds are still available.

Money for the Scholarship Fund is raised through donations, raffles, fundraising activities, and Membership dues particularly from those Members joining as Patrons or Sponsors. Over 350 students have received scholarships over the past two years and often can be seen performing at Society events throughout the year allowing Members to see how these deserving students continue to improve. All funds donated for the Scholarship Fund are restricted solely for use for this Program. As no goods or services were exchanged for such contributions, all such donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and any amount is gratefully accepted.
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