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St. Andrews Society of New Hampshire

It is with extreme sadness that the SASNH Board of Convener's announce its decision to dissolve SASNH after the conclusion of this year's New Hampshire Highland Games. The current Board of Conveners has made numerous attempts over the past four years to get enough members together for an Annual Meeting to try and revitalize the Society. The last time a quorum of members could be achieved was back in November 2015 and then only by one with a total of 15 members present (including officers).

At times it is necessary to alter your course to not only honor those who came before you but to celebrate those who will come after you. As required by Article 11, Section 3 of our bylaws, the Board of Conveners intends to distribute the assets of the Society as follows:

After paying any outstanding obligations we have, we will donate all remaining cash to be awarded in scholarships to students thru the New England Scottish Arts Centre.
We will be transferring the "restricted" rights to the Official New Hampshire State Tartan assigned to us by the original designer, Ralf Hartwell, to the Board of Directors of New Hampshire Gathering of Scottish Clans, Inc. [NHSCOT] with a provision that the proceeds from the restricted portion of all tartan woven in Scotland and subsequently sold to continue to fund, at least in part, a scholarship fund [SASNH Legacy Scholarship] as was first set forth by SASNH when we created the tartan to celebrate the NH Highland Games 20th Anniversary. It is only appropriate now, with the demise of SASNH, that we gift the rights to the NH Tartan to NHSCOT to be used to continue to serve the Scottish community.
As for our remaining assets (merchandise and tent supplies), we will sell as much as we can at the NH Highland Games later this month and make arrangements to sell or donate much of our tent supplies (pop-up tents, tables, books, etc.) to other Clans for their use in future games. A few items, such as our Society's flags, banners and other specific items, we hope will be archived by NHSCOT or an individual in case a subsequent group of individuals decides to step forward to restart SASNH.

We are confident that by working with these two active and highly respected groups with long standing great reputations in the NH Scottish-American community that we will be contributing to the goals of our original founders' Mission Statement:

  1. To perpetuate Scottish traditions and culture within the State of New Hampshire specifically and, more generally, throughout the New England region and to encourage the development of clan societies and Scottish organizations;
  2. To provide educational opportunities for its membership and the general public to participate in programs designed to foster and develop a better understanding of the history, culture and traditions of Scotland; and
  3. To provide charitable assistance in two (2) distinct areas; namely a) through our Scholarship Fund, we offer financial assistance to those students, regardless of specific ethnicity, creed, color, religion or the like, who wish to further their education in Scottish arts and culture; and b) through our Charitable Assistance Fund, we seek to provide temporary financial relief to less fortunate individuals within both our Society and the general public alike.

We would like to express our thanks to the many Board members who came before us and created a solid foundation, to our Membership for many hours of dedicated volunteering, and our congratulations to our many scholarship recipients, many of whom are now all grown up and who are themselves now becoming leaders in the Scottish community.

We will all continue to support the Scottish heritage in our own Clans and Associations and look forward to meeting with all of you at future games, Burns Nites and other Scottish gatherings.

Yours Aye,
James Chase, Acting Chief Convener
Marsha Stewart, Northern Vice Chief Convener
Campbell Webster, Southern Vice Chief Convener
David L. Bruce, Secretary
Sherry Thompson Crane, Treasurer
Kevin Stewart, Director at Large
Nancy Lonergan, Director at Large