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Although the Society is named after the Patron Saint of Scotland, St. Andrew's Societies are not religious organizations, nor are they affiliated with any religion. The St. Andrew's Society of New Hampshire was formed on May 9, 1983 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization.
The NH Tartan was designed by hand-weaver Ralph Hartwell and SASNH to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the NH Highland Games in 1994. The tartan was subsequently approved by NH law as the State’s official tartan in May 1995. The colors selected for the tartan were done so as:

Purple – represents both the NH State Flower, the Lilac, and the State Bird, the purple finch
                     [Did you know that the purple dye used cannot be used in any other tartans in the world!]
Green – represents the abundance of NH’s magnificent forests
Blue – represents the State’s crystal clear lakes, rivers and streams
White – represents the snow-capped White Mountains
Black – represents the mighty granite this is so prevalent in NH
Red – represents [the blood of] our State’s heroes.

As the NH Tartan is registered as a Restricted Tartan, SASNH has the sole proprietary rights to manage the sale of all such tartan woven in Scotland to ensure that a portion of all sales of tartan material and goods are placed in the Society’s Scholarship Fund. NH Tartan wearables are only available through SASNH or a few limited shops licensed by SASNH to carry such stock.
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